Producer and transport records

Registers and records: common provisions

51.—(1) The following provisions of this regulation apply in relation to registers required to be kept under regulations 47 to 50.

(2) A person who is required to keep a register must enter in the register each copy received by them of—

(a)any consignment note (including multiple consignment notes and, where consignments are not accepted, the original note, a copy of any explanation of the reasons for rejection prepared pursuant to regulation 42 and the consignment note prepared pursuant regulation 43 or 44),

(b)any consignee’s return to the producer, holder or consignor received pursuant to regulation 54; and

(c)any carrier’s schedule given to him or her pursuant to regulation 37.

(3) A person who is required to keep a register or retain records until his or her waste permit is surrendered or revoked must send those records or that register to the Agency when the permit is surrendered or revoked.

(4) Every register kept or record made pursuant to regulation 15 or 16 of the 1996 Regulations, and every record made pursuant to regulation 13 or 14 of the Control of Pollution (Special Waste) Regulations 1980, must—

(a)be kept with the register kept pursuant to regulation 47 to 49 by the person required to keep that register for so long as is mentioned in the relevant regulation; and

(b)be sent by that person together with that register if it is sent to the Agency.