Regulation 15(1)


1.  Name, gender, date and place of birth and address including the local authority area.

2.  A photograph and physical description.

3.  Nationality(1).

4.  Racial origin and cultural and linguistic background.

5.  Religious persuasion, if any, (including details of baptism, confirmation or equivalent ceremonies).

6.  Whether the child is looked after or is provided with accommodation under section 59(1) of the 1989 Act.

7.  Details of any order made by a court with respect to the child under the 1989 Act including the name of the court, the order made and the date on which the order was made.

8.  Whether the child has any rights to, or interest in, property or any claim to damages under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 or otherwise which he or she stands to retain or lose if adopted.

9.  A chronology of the child’s care since birth.

10.  An assessment of the child’s personality, social development and emotional and behavioural development.

11.  Whether the child has any difficulties with activities such as feeding, washing and dressing him or herself.

12.  The educational history of the child including—

(a)the names, addresses and types of nurseries or schools attended with dates;

(b)a summary of progress and attainments;

(c)whether he or she is subject to a statement under the Education Act 1996;

(d)any special needs he or she has in relation to learning; and

(e)where he or she is looked after, details of the personal education plan prepared by the local authority.

13.  Information about—

(a)the child’s relationship with —

(i)the child’s parent or guardian and, where regulation 14(2) applies, the child’s father;

(ii)any brothers or sisters or other relatives; and

(iii)any other person the agency considers relevant;

(b)the likelihood of any such relationship continuing and the value to the child of its doing so; and

(c)the ability and willingness of any of the child’s relatives, or any other person the agency considers relevant, to provide the child with a secure environment in which the child can develop, and otherwise to meet the child’s needs.

14.  The current arrangements for and the type of contact between the child’s parent or guardian or other person with parental responsibility for the child and, where regulation 14(2) applies, the child’s father, and any relative, friend or other person.

15.  A description of the child’s interests, likes and dislikes.

16.  Any other relevant information which might assist the adoption panel or the adoption agency.


No distinction is drawn in this context between the different parts of the UK.