Notification of imports

3.—(1) No person is permitted, in the course of business, to import into Wales, potatoes which he or she knows to be or has reasonable cause to suspect to be, relevant potatoes, unless he or she has given written notification to an inspector, at least two days prior to the intended date of importation into Wales, of his or her intention to import the potatoes in question and of—

(a)the proposed time, date and means of importation;

(b)the proposed point of entry into Wales;

(c)the intended use of the potatoes;

(d)the proposed destination of the potatoes;

(e)the variety of the potatoes;

(f)the quantity of potatoes; and

(g)the producer’s identification number.

(2) Any person who, after 1 September 2004 and before the coming into force of this Order, imported, into Wales in the course of business, relevant seed potatoes, must give, by no later than 3 May 2005, in respect of such potatoes, written notification to an inspector of—

(a)their date of importation;

(b)their point of entry into Wales;

(c)their intended use;

(d)their destination or proposed destination;

(e)their variety;

(f)the quantity imported; and

(g)the producer’s identification number.