Transitional provisions applying until the coming into force of section 178 of the Act

7.—(1)  Until the coming into force of section 178(1) of the Act in relation to primary dental services, the following transitional provisions shall apply.

(2)  In relation to the 1977 Act, section 28I (use of accommodation) shall be read as if the words “personal dental services” were substituted for the words “primary dental services”.

(3) In relation to the 1997 Act, section 1(2) (pilot schemes) shall be read as if for the words “personal medical services” there were substituted the words “primary medical services ”.

(4) In relation the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988(1), section 240(4) (Crown use of designs) shall be read as if a new paragraph (bb) were inserted after paragraph (b) as follows—

(bb)personal dental services in accordance with arrangements made under section 28C of the 1977 Act.

(5) In relation to the Health and Social Care Act 2001(2), section 28(4) (pilot schemes) shall be read as if —

(a)there were omitted the words “or primary dental services”; and

(b)there were inserted at the end the words “or personal dental services under any provision of, or made under, the 1977 Act or the National Health Service (Primary Care) Act 1997”.