The Scarweather Sands Offshore Wind Farm Order 2004

Power to construct and maintain works

3.—(1) The undertaker may construct and maintain the scheduled works.

(2) The undertaker may retain and maintain the existing mast.

(3) Subject to article 4, the scheduled works must be constructed and maintained in the lines or situations shown on the works plans and in accordance with the levels shown on the sections.

(4) The undertaker may, within the limits of deviation for the scheduled works, carry out, provide and maintain such of the following works and facilities as may be necessary or expedient for the purposes of, in connection with, or in consequence of, the construction or maintenance of the scheduled works, namely—

(a)temporary or permanent landing places, jetties, or moorings or other means of accommodating vessels in the construction or maintenance of the scheduled works;

(b)buoys, beacons, fenders and other navigational warning or ship impact protection works;

(c)works to alter the position of apparatus, including mains, sewers, drains and cables;

(d)works to alter the course of, or otherwise interfere with, non-navigable rivers, streams or watercourses;

(e)landscaping and other works to mitigate any adverse affects of the construction, maintenance or operation of the authorised works;

(f)works for the benefit or protection of land affected by the authorised works;

(g)one or more additional anemometry masts;

(h)such other works and apparatus, plant and machinery of whatever nature as may be necessary or expedient.