PART 2Provisions coming into force on 1st September 2004

ProvisionSubject matter
Section 21General responsibility for conduct of school
Section 22Training and support of governors
Section 30Governors' reports and other information
Section 32Responsibility for fixing dates of terms and holidays and times of sessions
Section 39(1) in so far as it relates to the definition of “statutory provision”Interpretation of Chapter 1
Section 155Inspection of nursery education
Section 176Consultation with pupils
Section 215(1) in so far as it relates to the provisions of Schedule 21 belowMinor and consequential amendments
Section 215(2) in so far as it relates to the provisions of Schedule 22 belowRepeals
Schedule 14, paragraphs 1 to 7Inspection of nursery education
Schedule 21 —Minor and Consequential Amendments
Paragraph 39(1) and (5)
Paragraph 63 except sub-paragraph (a)
Paragraph 68
Paragraph 110(1) and (3) only for the purpose of omitting paragraph (e) of subsection (6) of section 127 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998
Schedule 22, Part 3, the repeal of —Repeals
Children Act 1989(1), section 79P(4)(d) and the preceding “and”;

School Standards and Framework Act 1998(2).

Section 38, Sections 41 and 42, Section 127(6)(e), in section 138, in subsection (4)(b), the words “paragraph 4 or 8 of Schedule 23 or”, and in subsection (5), paragraph (a)(ii) and (iii) and, in paragraph (b)(ii), the word “46”, in Part II of Schedule 11, paragraph 7, in Schedule 30, paragraph 204(b)