Amendment to the Pig Industry Restructuring Grant (Wales) Scheme 2001

2.—(1) The Pig Industry Restructuring Grant (Wales) Scheme 2001(1) is amended as follows.

(2) There is substituted for the definition of “bank” in paragraph 2 the following definition —

“bank” (“banc”) means —


an European Economic Area firm of the kind mentioned in paragraph 5(b) of Schedule 3 to that Act which has permission under paragraph 15 of that Schedule (as a result of qualifying for authorisation under paragraph 12 of that Schedule) to accept deposits,


the National Savings bank,


a municipal bank, that is to say a company which was, immediately before the repeal of the Banking Act 1987(3) exempted from the prohibition in section 3 of that Act by virtue of section 4(1) of, and paragraph 4 of Schedule 2 to, that Act, or


a credit union within the meaning of the Credit Unions Act 1979(4).

(3) There is inserted the following paragraph after subparagraph (1) of paragraph 2.

(1A) The definition of “bank” (“banc”) in subparagraph (1) must be read with —

(a)section 22 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000;

(b)any relevant order made under that section; and

(c)Schedule 2 to that Act..