Amendment of article 5

7.—(1) Article 5 of the principal Order is amended in accordance with this article.

(2) For paragraph (2), sub-paragraph (c)(iv) the following is substituted—

(iv)where a goat bears the maximum number of marks permitted under article 10, the individual identification number together with the Mark which was applied at the same time as the individual identification number;.

(3) In paragraph (2), sub-paragraph (f) of the English language text only, the words “to or from a show” are substituted for “to a show”.

(4) After paragraph (2), the following is inserted—

(2A) The requirement to record an Origin Mark, an F Mark or an R Mark under sub-paragraphs (2)(c)(ii) and (iii) above does not require the keeper to record the individual identification number of the goat moved..