Application of regulation 17 and 18

16.  Regulations 17 and 18 apply in relation to Part XA of the 1989 Act.

Information and documents to be provided by an applicant for registration under Part XA of the 1989 Act

17.  An application for registration shall—

(a)be in writing on a form approved by the National Assembly;

(b)be sent or delivered to the appropriate office of the National Assembly;

(c)be accompanied by a recent photograph of the responsible person of whom the photograph shall be a true likeness;

(d)give full information or documentation, as the case may be, in respect of the matters specified in Schedules 7 and 8 in relation to the applicant and, as the case may be, any person other than the applicant who works for or is intended to work for the applicant in relation to child minding or the provision of day care.

Certificates of Registration under Schedule 9A to the 1989 Act

18.  A certificate of registration given to an applicant under paragraph 6 (1) of Schedule 9A to the 1989 Act shall contain the following particulars_

(a)the name, address and telephone number of the appropriate office of the National Assembly;

(b)the name of the person who has been registered;

(c)in the case of a person registered as a provider of day care, the address at which the day care is to be provided;

(d)where the registration is subject to any conditions, details of the conditions;

(e)the date of registration;

(f)a statement that if the child minding or day care, as the case may be, is not provided in accordance with the conditions imposed the registration is liable to be cancelled by the National Assembly;

(g)a statement that the certificate relates only to the person to whom it is issued by the National Assembly and is not capable of being transferred to another person.