SCHEDULE 1Medical Practitioners

PART 2Savings and transitional provision

General Practitioner Register and Specialist Register

66.—(1) Where an application for inclusion in the General Practitioner Register kept under section 34C of the Medical Act 1983 or the Specialist Register kept under section 34D of that Act is received before exit day, provisions of that Act, the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Order of Council 2010 and the General Medical Council (Applications for General Practice and Specialist Registration) Regulations 2010 continue to apply in relation to the application (including any appeal arising from it) without the amendments made to those enactments by Part 1 of this Schedule.

(2) Where a provision continues to apply by virtue of paragraph (1), it is to be read as if, in any reference to a relevant European State other than the United Kingdom, the words “other than the United Kingdom” were omitted.