SCHEDULE 1Amendments of primary legislation

PART 1Amendments of Broadcasting Act 1990

1.  In section 177 of the Broadcasting Act 1990(1) (orders proscribing unacceptable foreign satellite services), in subsection (6)(2), in the definition of “foreign satellite service”, for paragraph (a) (including the “or” at the end) substitute—

(a)a service which—

(i)consists wholly or mainly in the transmission by satellite of television programmes which are capable of being received in the United Kingdom,

(ii)does not fall within subsection (2)(a) or (b) of section 211 of the Communications Act 2003 (regulation of independent television services), and

(iii)is not provided by the BBC or the Welsh Authority, or.


Subsection (6) was substituted by S.I. 1997/1682 and the definition of “foreign satellite service” was substituted by S.I. 1998/3196 and amended by S.I. 2010/1883.