The Equine Identification (England) Regulations 2018

  1. PART 1

    1. 1.Citation, commencement and application

    2. 2.Interpretation

  2. PART 2

    1. 3.Competent authority and zootechnical authority for the purposes of the EU Regulation

    2. 4.Transfer of ownership of equines

    3. 5.Identification of equines

    4. 6.Applications for IDs

    5. 7.Completion of existing IDs for equines imported into the EU

    6. 8.Modification of identity details in equine IDs

    7. 9.Format and content of equine IDs

    8. 10.Verification of equine IDs

    9. 11.Requirement to provide ID to a veterinary surgeon treating an equine

    10. 12.Slaughter or death of an equine

    11. 13.Transponders

    12. 14.Smart cards

    13. 15.Provision of information by issuing body to Secretary of State

    14. 16.Databases

  3. PART 3

    1. 17.Exceptions in respect of certain wild or semi-wild equines

    2. 18.Holding wild or semi-wild equines

    3. 19.Requirement for ID and transponder for wild or semi-wild equines treated with veterinary medicinal products

    4. 20.Wild and semi-wild equines: requirement for ID for movement from designated area

    5. 21.Exception to requirement for ID: wild or semi-wild equines aged under 12 months moved for slaughter

    6. 22.Requirements for wild or semi-wild equines aged 12 months or over moved for slaughter

    7. 23.Requirements for wild or semi-wild equines moved other than for slaughter

  4. PART 4

    1. 24.General

    2. 25.Withholding ID from the responsible person

    3. 26.Provision of false or misleading information

    4. 27.Possession of a forged ID

    5. 28.Improper destruction, defacement or alteration, etc

    6. 29.Offences relating to implantation of transponder

    7. 30.Obstruction

    8. 31.Offences by bodies corporate

    9. 32.Offences by partnerships and unincorporated associations

  5. PART 5

    1. 33.Enforcing authorities

    2. 34.Appointment of inspectors

    3. 35.Inspectors: powers of entry and general powers

    4. 36.Criminal penalties

    5. 37.Choosing to pursue civil sanctions instead of criminal penalties

  6. PART 6

    1. 38.Application

    2. 39.Compliance notice

    3. 40.Non-compliance penalty notice

    4. 41.Fixed monetary penalty notice

    5. 42.Enforcement costs recovery notice

    6. 43.Information to be provided in or with a notice

    7. 44.Withdrawing and re-issuing a notice

    8. 45.Appeals

    9. 46.Period within which payment is required and power to recover payments

    10. 47.Receipts

  7. PART 7

    1. 48.Review

    2. 49.Amendment of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2013

    3. 50.Revocation of the Horse Passports Regulations 2009