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SCHEDULE 2E+W+S+N.I.Consequential amendments and revocations

PART 1 E+W+S+N.I.Consequential amendments

Road Traffic Act 1988E+W+S+N.I.

1.—(1) The Road Traffic Act 1988 F1 is amended as follows.

(2) Section 65A (motor cycles not to be sold without EC certificate of conformity) F2 is omitted.

(3) In section 85(1) (interpretation of Part 2)—

(a)in the definition of “EC certificate of conformity”F3, for paragraph (b), substitute—

(b)in the case of a vehicle to which the motorcycle type approval Regulation applies, a certificate of conformity issued by a manufacturer under Article 38 of that Regulation;;

(b)in the definition of “light passenger vehicle”F4

(i)for “1(3)”, substitute “ 4 ”;

(ii)for “Directive”, substitute “ Regulation ”;

(c)for the definition of “the motorcycle type approval Directive”F5, substitute—

the motorcycle type approval Regulation” means Regulation (EU) No 168/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15th January 2013 on the approval and market surveillance of two- or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles as it may be amended from time to time,.

(4) In section 86 (index to Part 2), for “Motorcycle type approval Directive”F6, substitute “Motorcycle type approval Regulation”.

(5) In section 108(1) (interpretation), in the definition of “light quadricycle”—

(a)for “1(3)(a)”, substitute “ 4 ”;

(b)for “Directive”, substitute “ Regulation ”.

(6) In section 183(2) (application to the Crown), for “sections 65 and 65A”F7, substitute “section 65”.


F2Section 65A was inserted by S.I. 1992/3107.

F3The definition of “EC certificate of conformity” was originally inserted by S.I. 1992/3107 and substituted by S.I. 2009/818.

F4The definition of “light passenger vehicle” was inserted by S.I. 1992/3107 and amended by S.I. 2009/818.

F5The definition of “the motorcycle type approval Directive” was substituted by S.I. 2003/1099.

F6The entry for “Motorcycle type approval Directive” was inserted by S.I. 1992/3107.

F7The words “sections 65 and 65A” were substituted by paragraph 22(2)(a) of Schedule 23 to the Deregulation Act 2015.