Regulation 30


1.  The carrying forward from one funding period to another of surpluses and deficits arising in relation to schools’ budget shares.

2.  Amounts which may be charged against schools’ budget shares.

3.  Amounts received by schools which may be retained by their governing bodies and the purposes for which such amounts may be used.

4.  The imposition, by or under the scheme, of conditions which schools must comply with in relation to the management of their delegated budgets, and of sums made available to governing bodies by the authority which do not form part of delegated budgets, including conditions prescribing financial controls and procedures.

5.  Terms on which the authority provides services and facilities for schools maintained by it.

6.  The payment of interest by or to the authority.

7.  The times at which amounts equal in total to the school’s budget share are to be made available to governing bodies and the proportion of the budget share to be made available at each such time.

8.  The virement between budget heads within the delegated budget.

9.  Circumstances in which a local authority may delegate to the governing body the power to spend any part of the authority’s non-schools education budget or schools budget in addition to those in section 49(4)(a) to (c) of the 1998 Act(1).

10.  The use of delegated budgets and of sums made available to a governing body by the local authority which do not form part of delegated budgets.

11.  Borrowing by governing bodies.

12.  The banking arrangements that may be made by governing bodies.

13.  A statement as to the personal liability of governors in respect of schools’ budget shares having regard to section 50(7) of the 1998 Act.

14.  A statement as to the allowances payable to governors of a school which does not have a delegated budget in accordance with the scheme made by the authority for the purposes of section 519 of the 1996 Act(2).

15.  The keeping of a register of any business interests of the governors and the head teacher.

16.  The provision of information by and to the governing body.

17.  The maintenance of inventories of assets.

18.  Plans of a governing body’s expenditure.

19.  A statement as to the taxation of sums paid or received by a governing body.

20.  Insurance.

21.  The use of delegated budgets by governing bodies to satisfy the authority’s duties imposed by or under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974(3).

22.  The provision of legal advice to a governing body.

23.  Funding for child protection issues.

24.  How complaints by persons working at a school or by school governors about financial management or financial propriety at the school will be dealt with and to whom such complaints should be made.

25.  Expenditure incurred by a governing body in the exercise of the power conferred by section 27 of the 2002 Act.


Section 49(4) was amended by section 215 of, and paragraph 100 of Schedule 21 to, the 2002 Act.


Section 519 was amended by section 140 of, and paragraph 139 of Schedule 2 to, the 1998 Act.