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Modification of the No. 13, 19 and 22 Orders: removal of the gateway conditions from 27th July 2016

5.—(1) This article applies in the case of a claim for universal credit, an employment and support allowance or a jobseeker’s allowance that is made or treated as made on or after 27th July 2016.

(2) Where this article applies, the provisions referred to in sub-paragraphs (a) to (d) have effect, with respect to a claimant residing in the designated postcodes referred to in the sub-paragraph in question, as though the reference in those provisions to meeting the gateway conditions were omitted—

(a)articles 3(2)(a) and 4(2)(a) of the No. 13 Order, in respect of the Part 16 designated postcodes;

(b)articles 3(2)(j) and 4(2)(j) of the No. 19 Order, in respect of the Part 17 designated postcodes;

(c)articles 3(2)(m) and 4(2)(m) of the No. 19 Order, in respect of the Part 18 designated postcodes;

(d)articles 3(2)(e) and 4(2)(i) and (j) of the No. 22 Order, in respect of the Part 19 designated postcodes.