SCHEDULEChange of name of the Office of Rail Regulation: consequential amendments

PART 3Amendments to Scottish and Welsh legislation


12.  In Schedule 6 to the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011(1) (public bodies etc: standards)—

(a)in the Welsh text, for “Swyddfa Rheoleiddio’r Rheilffyrdd (“The Office of Rail Regulation”)” substitute “Y Swyddfa Rheilffyrdd a Ffyrdd (“The Office of Rail and Road”)”; and

(b)in the English text, for “The Office of Rail Regulation (“Swyddfa Rheoleiddio’r Rheilffyrdd”)” substitute “The Office of Rail and Road (“Y Swyddfa Rheilffyrdd a Ffyrdd”)”.


2011 nawm 1. There are amendments to Schedule 6 but none is relevant to these Regulations.