SECTION 5Conduct of the Procedure

SUB-SECTION 6Publication and transparency
Publication at national level
Publication on buyer profiles

52.—(1) In addition to the publication of the notices refered to in regulations 48, 49, 50, 75 and 79 by the EU Publications Office, contracting authorities may publish the information contained in them on the internet on a buyer profile.

(2) A buyer profile may also include (in addition to the prior information notices referred to in regulation 48(3)(b))—

(a)information on ongoing invitations to tender, scheduled purchases, contracts concluded, procedures cancelled; and

(b)any useful general information, such as a contact point, a telephone and a fax number, a postal address and an e-mail address.

Timing and content of publication at national level

(3) The notices referred to in regulations 48, 49, 50, 72 and 79, and the information contained in them, shall not be published at national level before they are published by the EU Publications Office.

(4) But publication may in any event take place at national level where contracting authorities have not been notified of the publication by the EU Publications Office within 48 hours after confirmation of the receipt of the notice in accordance with Article 51(5) of the Public Contracts Directive.

(5) Notices published at national level shall not contain information other than that contained in the notices sent to the EU Publications Office or published on a buyer profile, but shall indicate the date of sending of the notice to the EU Publications Office or its publication on the buyer profile.

(6) Where a prior information notice is to be published on a buyer profile for the purposes of regulation 48(3)(b)—

(a)the prior information notice may not be so published before the notice referred to in regulation 48(4)(b) is sent to the EU Publications Office; and

(b)the prior information notice shall indicate the date of that sending.