PART 3Height of furnace chimneys - exemptions

Exempted boilers or plant

4.—(1) The purposes set out in paragraph (2) are prescribed purposes in relation to section 14(7) (section 14 relates to the height of chimneys serving furnaces connected with boilers or industrial plant, but exempts from certain of its provisions any chimney serving the furnace of a boiler or plant used or to be used wholly for a prescribed purpose).

(2) The purposes are—

(a)temporarily replacing any other boiler or plant which is—

(i)under inspection, maintenance or repair;

(ii)being rebuilt; or

(iii)being replaced by a permanent boiler or plant;

(b)providing a temporary source of heat or power during any building operation or work of engineering construction (within the meaning of section 176(1) of the Factories Act 1961(1));

(c)providing a temporary source of heat or power for investigation or research;

(d)providing products of combustion to heat other plant (whether directly or indirectly) to an operating temperature;

(e)providing heat or power by mobile or transportable plant for the purposes of agriculture (within the meaning of section 109(3) of the Agriculture Act 1947(2)).


1961 c. 34; section 176(1) was amended by S.I. 1996/1592; there are other amendments but none is relevant.


1947 c. 48; there are no relevant amendments.