1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Citation, commencement, interpretation and extent

  3. 2.Revocations

  4. 3.Amendments in relation to interpretation

  5. 4.Amendment in relation to supply of forms

  6. 5.Amendment in relation to communication of applications, notices etc.

  7. 6.Amendment in relation to electronic signatures and related certificates

  8. 7.Amendment in relation to power to require information

  9. 8.Amendment in relation to evidence as to age

  10. 9.Amendment in relation to reminders to persons who have an anonymous entry

  11. 10.Amendments in relation to applications for registration

  12. 11.After regulation 26 insert— Application for alteration of register in...

  13. 12.Amendment in relation to objections to registration

  14. 13.Amendment in relation to inspection of applications and objections

  15. 14.Amendments in relation to determination of applications and objections

  16. 15.Amendment in relation to procedure for determining applications for registration and objections without a hearing

  17. 16.Amendment in relation to other determinations by registration officer of entitlement to registration

  18. 17.Amendment in relation to summary procedure for determining person has ceased to satisfy conditions for registration

  19. 18.Amendment in relation to procedure for reviewing entitlement to registration

  20. 19.Amendments in relation to hearing of reviews

  21. 20.After regulation 31F insert— Determinations of entitlement to remain registered...

  22. 21.Amendments in relation to anonymous registration

  23. 22.Amendments in relation to the annual canvass, invitations to apply for registration, requiring a person to make an application for registration and civil penalties

  24. 23.Amendment in relation to requirements for application for a proxy vote

  25. 24.Additional requirements for application for an emergency proxy vote in respect of a particular election

  26. 25.Amendments in relation to the closing date for applications

  27. 26.Requirement to provide fresh signature following rejection of a postal voting statement

  28. 27.Amendments relating to records and lists kept under Schedule 4

  29. 28.Notification of a rejected postal vote

  30. 29.Time when postal ballot papers are to be issued

  31. 30.Amendment in relation to lost postal ballot papers

  32. 31.Cancellation of postal ballot papers

  33. 32.Amendments in relation to opening of covering envelopes

  34. 33.Amendments to the procedure in relation to postal voting statements

  35. 34.Amendments in relation to retrieval of cancelled postal ballot papers

  36. 35.Amendments in relation to lists of rejected postal ballot papers

  37. 36.Amendments in relation to sealing of receptacles

  38. 37.Amendments in relation to retention of documents

  39. 38.Amendments in relation to forwarding of documents

  40. 39.Amendments relating to edited version of register

  41. 40.In regulation 93(2) after “if a request has been duly...

  42. 41.For regulation 93(3) substitute— (3) In other respects the edited...

  43. 42.Amendments relating to edited register preference

  44. 43.Amendments in consequence of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011

  45. 44.Amendments in relation to alterations to the register

  46. 45.After regulation 99(2) insert— (2A) Each registration officer shall, if...

  47. 46.Amendments in relation to documents open to public inspection

  48. 47.Prescribed form of words about the two versions of the register

  49. 48.Amendment of form of official poll cards

  50. 49.Amendment of form of certificate of employment

  51. 50.Amendment of form of postal voting statements

  52. 51.Amendment of form of statement as to postal ballot papers

  53. 52.Amendments relating to modification of provisions for registration of European Parliamentary overseas electors

  54. Signature

    1. SCHEDULE 1


    2. SCHEDULE 2


    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Form of words about the two versions of the register

      1. There are two registers. Why?

      2. There are two registers. Why?

    4. SCHEDULE 4


      1. Front of card

      2. Back of card

      3. Front of card

      4. Back of card

      5. Front of card

      6. Back of card

      7. Front of card

      8. Back of card

      9. Front of statement

      10. Back of statement

      11. Front of statement

      12. Back of statement

      13. Front of statement

      14. Back of statement

  55. Explanatory Note