Article 18


PART 1Modification of Acts

Children (Scotland) Act 1995

In section 93(1) (interpretation) of the 1995 Act, in the definition of “children’s hearing”, for “section 39(3), but does not include a business meeting arranged under section 64, of this Act” substitute “section 5 of the Children’s Hearings (Scotland) Act 2011”.

PART 2Repeals and Revocations


Extent of repeal or revocation

Tribunals and Inquiries Act 1992 (c.53)In Part 2 of Schedule 1, paragraph 61(a) and the title (“Social Work”) relating to it.
Children (Scotland) Act 1995 (c.36)In section 33, in subsection (1), the words “or to a supervision requirement” and the words “or, as the case may be, as if it were a supervision requirement”; in subsection (2), paragraph (b) and in the full-out words, the words “or requirement”; subsection (4); and in subsection (5)(b) and (c) the words “or to a supervision requirement”.
Sections 74, 82 and 83.
In section 93, in subsection (1), the definitions of “chief social work officer”, “child assessment order”, “child protection order”, “compulsory measures of supervision”, “education authority”, “local government area”, “place of safety”, “the Principal Reporter”, “relevant local authority”, “supervision requirement” and “working day”; and, in subsection (2)(b), the definition of “relevant person”.
In section 105, in subsection (8), the words “70(4), 74, 82, 83” and “(except section 70(4))”; and subsection (10).
Children’s Hearings (Transmission of Information etc.) (Scotland) Regulations 1996 S.I. 1996/3260The whole instrument.