The Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation)(England) Regulations 2012

Procedure after making an order

This section has no associated Explanatory Memorandum

5.—(1) As soon as practicable after making an order, and before confirming it, the authority which made it shall—

(a)serve on the persons interested in the land affected by the order—

(i)a copy of the order; and

(ii)a notice containing the particulars specified in paragraph (2);

(b)make a copy of the order available for public inspection, in accordance with paragraph (3); and

(c)in the case of an order made following service of a notice under section 211(3) (preservation of trees in conservation areas), serve on the person who served that notice the information specified in sub-paragraph (a).

(2) The particulars mentioned in paragraph (1)(a)(ii) are—

(a)the reasons for making the order;

(b)a statement that objections or other representations with respect to any trees, groups of trees or woodlands specified in the order may be made to the authority in accordance with regulation 6;

(c)the date, being at least 28 days after the date of the notice, by which any objection or representation must be received by the authority; and

(d)a copy of regulation 6.

(3) A copy of the order shall be made available for inspection, free of charge, at all reasonable hours, at the offices of the authority by whom the order was made; and where an order is made on behalf of an authority, it shall be made available for inspection also at the offices of the authority on whose behalf it was made.