The Pensions Act 2011 (Commencement No. 1) Order 2011

Commencement of provisions

3.  The following provisions of the Act come into force on 3rd January 2012—

(a)section 8 (review of earnings trigger and qualifying earnings band) in so far as it is not already in force,

(b)section 19 (indexation and revaluation),

(c)section 21 (indexation requirements for cash balance benefits),

(d)section 22 (Pension Protection Fund) in so far as it relates to the paragraphs of Schedule 4 specified in paragraph (i) of this article,

(e)sections 23 and 24 (financial assistance scheme: amount of payments and transfer of assets),

(f)section 26 (contribution notices and financial support directions),

(g)section 34 (judicial pensions),

(h)section 35 (grants by the Secretary of State to advisory bodies etc),

(i)the following paragraphs of Schedule 4 (Pension Protection Fund)—

(i)paragraph 1 (introductory provision for amendments to the Pensions Act 2004(1)) in so far as it relates to the paragraphs specified in sub-paragraphs (ii) to (v) of this paragraph,

(ii)paragraph 17 (removal of restriction on transfer notices),

(iii)paragraph 18 (Parliamentary control of subordinate legislation),

(iv)paragraphs 19 and 20 (pension credit members), and

(v)paragraph 37 (calculation of compensation: admissible rules etc), and

(j)Schedule 5 (contributions towards cost of judicial pensions etc).