The Court Funds Rules 2011

  1. Introductory Text

  2. PART 1 Preliminary, interpretation and general provisions

    1. 1.Citation, commencement, revocation and transition

    2. 2.Application of the Rules

    3. 3.Interpretation

    4. 4.Court Funds Office

    5. 5.Discharge of Accountant General’s functions

  3. PART 2 Deposit of funds in court

    1. 6.Documents accompanying deposit of funds in court

    2. 7.Deposit of funds

    3. 8.Deposit of funds at a District Registry or county court or the Mayor’s and City of London Court

    4. 9.Promissory notes

    5. 10.Refusal to accept a deposit

  4. PART 3 Accounts and investments

    1. 11.Interest bearing accounts

    2. 12.Transfer between accounts

    3. 13.Accrual of interest

    4. 14.Investment

    5. 15.Investment in securities

    6. 16.Foreign currency

    7. 17.Authority to direct investment

    8. 18.Timing of investment

    9. 19.Payment of charges when dealing with securities

    10. 20.Conversion and allotment of securities

    11. 21.Securities of a dissolved company

  5. PART 4 Payment out from a fund in court

    1. 22.Documents required for payment

    2. 23.Interest on payments

    3. 24.Payment to a representative of a deceased person

    4. 25.Payment of funeral expenses

    5. 26.Payment of inheritance tax

    6. 27.Payment in respect of CPR Part 36 (offers to settle)

    7. 28.Payment where the claimant’s legal representation has been funded by the Legal Services Commission

    8. 29.Remaining balance

    9. 30.Time for making payments

    10. 31.Regular payments

    11. 32.Method of payment

    12. 33.Dealing with a fund in court before the receipt of a payment schedule

    13. 34.Refusal to make a payment

    14. 35.Identification of payees

  6. PART 5 Unclaimed funds in court

    1. 36.Transfer to the unclaimed funds account

    2. 37.Disposal of unclaimed securities and effects

    3. 38.Converting unclaimed foreign currency

    4. 39.Unclaimed county court money

    5. 40.List of unclaimed funds in court and money

    6. 41.Payment out of an unclaimed funds account

  7. PART 6 Miscellaneous provisions

    1. 42.Information about a fund in court

    2. 43.Statement of account

    3. 44.Court’s obligations in respect of deposit and payment schedules

    4. 45.Transfer between courts

    5. 46.National Debt Commissioners

  8. Signature


      Revocation Schedule

  9. Explanatory Note