The Building (Amendment) Regulations 2011


(This note is not part of the Regulations)

These Regulations amend the Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007 (“the 2007 Regulations”) and the Building Regulations 2010 (“the 2010 Regulations”).

Regulation 2 corrects a minor error in the amendments made by the Building Regulations 2010 to paragraph (1) of regulation 9 of the 2007 Regulations, and removes provisions in that regulation which are now redundant.

Regulation 3(2)(a) and (b) amend definitions in regulation 2 (interpretation) of the 2010 Regulations. The definition of “energy efficiency requirements” is amended to correct an error made in the 2010 Regulations. The definition of “renovation” is amended to make clear that adding a new layer by way of repair to a flat roof does not constitute renovation for the purposes of the 2010 Regulations.

Regulation 3(3), (4) and (6) correct minor errors in regulation 6(1)(a) (requirements relating to material change of use), regulation 49 (transitional provisions: interpretation), and in Schedule 4 paragraph 1(f).

Regulation 3(5) adds a new paragraph to the list in Schedule 3 of work that is exempt from the requirement to give a building notice or to deposit full plans when carried out by persons specified in that Schedule, and adds to those bodies in paragraphs 7, 11 and 12 which are able to register persons for the purposes of self certification schemes.

A full impact assessment of the effect that this instrument will have on the costs of business and the voluntary sector is published with the Explanatory Memorandum alongside the instrument on, and shows a net benefit to business in relation to the amendments made to Schedule 3.