SCHEDULE 1Amendments to Communications Act 2003 and related amendments

Communications Act 2003

6.  After section 4 insert—

Duty to take account of European Commission recommendations for harmonisation

4A.(1) This section applies to the following functions of OFCOM

(a)their functions under Chapter 1 of Part 2;

(b)their functions under the enactments relating to the management of the radio spectrum;

(c)their functions under Chapter 3 of Part 2 in relation to disputes referred to them under section 185;

(d)their functions under sections 24 and 25 so far as they relate to information required for purposes connected with matters in relation to which functions specified in this subsection are conferred on OFCOM; and

(e)their functions under section 26 so far as they are carried out for the purpose of making information available to persons mentioned in subsection (2)(a) to (c) of that section.

(2) In carrying out those functions, OFCOM must take due account of all applicable recommendations issued (whether before or after the coming into force of this section) by the European Commission under Article 19(1) of the Framework Directive.

(3) Where OFCOM decide not to follow such a recommendation they must notify the Commission of their decision, and of the reasons for it.