The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Commencement No. 15, Consequential Amendments and Transitional and Savings Provisions) Order 2010

Appointed day for provisions relating to Primary Care Trusts and standards of NHS care

This section has no associated Explanatory Memorandum

13.  1st April 2010 is the day appointed for the coming into force of the following provisions of the 2008 Act

(a)section 45;

(b)section 95, in so far as it relates to the paragraphs of Schedule 5 listed in paragraph (e);

(c)section 139;

(d)section 166, in so far as it relates to the repeal in Schedule 15 commenced by paragraph (f);

(e)paragraphs 37 and 38 of Schedule 5; and

(f)Part 1 of Schedule 15 insofar as it relates to section 46 of the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003(1).