SCHEDULE 3Exempt facilities: descriptions and conditions

PART 1Exempt waste operations: descriptions and conditions (specific and general)

CHAPTER 3Treatment of waste

SECTION 2Descriptions and specific conditions
Physical treatment of waste edible oil and fat to produce biodiesel (T19)

19.—(1) The physical treatment of relevant waste for the purposes of producing biodiesel.

(2) The table specifying relevant waste for the purposes of this paragraph is set out below.

CodesWaste types
200125Edible oil and fat

(3) For the purposes of this paragraph, the specific conditions are that—

(a)the total quantity of waste treated or stored at any one time does not exceed 5,000 litres;

(b)the waste is treated and stored in a container with secondary containment;

(c)no waste is stored for longer than 3 months; and

(d)the operation is for the purposes of reusing the waste.