SCHEDULE 1Activities, installations and mobile plant

PART 2Activities

CHAPTER 2Production and Processing of Metals

SECTION 2.1Ferrous Metals
Interpretation of Section 2.1

1.  In this Section, “ferrous alloy” means an alloy of which iron is the largest constituent, or equal to the largest constituent, by weight, whether or not that alloy also has a non-ferrous metal content greater than any percentage specified in Section 2.2.

SECTION 2.2Non-Ferrous Metals
Interpretation and application of Section 2.2

1.  In this Section “non-ferrous metal alloy” means an alloy which is not a ferrous alloy, as defined in Section 2.1.

2.  Part A(1)(c) to (h) and Part B do not apply to hand soldering, flow soldering or wave soldering.

Interpretation of Part A(1)

1.  In Part A(1)(g), “background concentration” means any concentration of cadmium or any compound of cadmium which would be present in the release irrespective of any effect the activity may have had on the composition of the release and includes such concentration of those substances as is present in—

(a)water supplied to the site where the activity is carried on;

(b)water abstracted for use in the activity; and

(c)precipitation onto the site on which the activity is carried on.

Interpretation and application of Part B

1.  When determining the extent of an installation carrying on an activity within Part B(e), any location where the associated storage or handling of scrap which is to be heated as part of that activity is carried on, other than a location where scrap is loaded into a furnace, is to be ignored.

SECTION 2.3Surface Treating Metals and Plastic Materials