The Family Procedure Rules 2010

Additional evidence

This section has no associated Explanatory Memorandum

12.19.—(1) This rule applies to proceedings for a section 8 order or a special guardianship order.

(2) Unless the court directs otherwise, a party must not—

(a)file or serve any document other than in accordance with these rules or any practice direction;

(b)in completing a form prescribed by these rules or any practice direction, give information or make a statement which is not required or authorised by that form; or

(c)file or serve at a hearing—

(i)any witness statement of the substance of the oral evidence which the party intends to adduce; or

(ii)any copy of any document (including any experts’ report) which the party intends to rely on.

(3) Where a party fails to comply with the requirements of this rule in relation to any witness statement or other document, the party cannot seek to rely on that statement or other document unless the court directs otherwise.