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    The Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (Investment Exchanges and Clearing Houses) Regulations 20102010 No. 1818UK Statutory Instruments
    The Children, Schools and Families Act 2010 (Commencement No. 1) Order 20102010 No. 1817 (C. 93)UK Statutory Instruments
    The A556 Trunk Road (RHS Flower Show) (Temporary Prohibition of Right Turns) Order 20102010 No. 1815UK Statutory Instruments
    The A1 Trunk Road and the A1(M) Motorway (Junction 45 to Junction 46) (Temporary 50 Miles Per Hour Speed Restriction) Order 2007 (Revocation) Order 20102010 No. 1814UK Statutory Instruments
    The Revenue and Customs (Complaints and Misconduct) Regulations 20102010 No. 1813UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Land Charges (Amendment) Rules 20102010 No. 1812UK Statutory Instruments
    The Social Security (Housing Costs) (Standard Interest Rate) Amendment Regulations 20102010 No. 1811UK Statutory Instruments
    The Parliamentary Standards Act (Staff Transfer) Order 20102010 No. 1810UK Statutory Instruments
    The Dwelling Houses (Execution of Possession Orders by Mortgagees) Regulations 20102010 No. 1809UK Statutory Instruments
    The Seed (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Wales) Regulations 20102010 No. 1808 (W. 176)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Hadau (Diwygiadau Amrywiol) (Cymru) 2010
    The Agricultural Subsidies and Grants Schemes (Appeals) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 20102010 No. 1807 (W. 175)Wales Statutory Instruments
    Rheoliadau Cynlluniau Cymorthdaliadau a Grantiau Amaethyddol (Apelau) (Cymru) (Diwygio) 2010
    The Ecclesiastical Exemption (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (England) (Amendment) Order 20102010 No. 1806UK Statutory Instruments
    The A63 Trunk Road (Mytongate Gyratory to Garrison Road Roundabout) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 1805UK Statutory Instruments
    The A64 Trunk Road (Tadcaster Bar Interchange and Askham Bryan Interchange) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 1804UK Statutory Instruments
    The M18 Motorway (Thurcroft Interchange to Bramley Interchange) (Temporary Restriction of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 1803UK Statutory Instruments
    The A13 Trunk Road (M25 Junction 30 - Baker Street Interchange) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) Order 20102010 No. 1801UK Statutory Instruments
    The Misuse of Drugs (Designation) (Amendment No.2) (England, Wales and Scotland) Order 20102010 No. 1800UK Statutory Instruments

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