The Network Rail (Nuneaton North Chord) Order 2010

Application of the 1991 Act

4.—(1) The provisions of the 1991 Act mentioned in paragraph (2) (which, together with other provisions of that Act, apply in relation to the execution of street works) and any regulations made, or code of practice issued or approved under, those provisions shall apply (with the necessary modifications) in relation to the temporary stopping up, temporary alteration or temporary diversion of a street by Network Rail under the powers conferred by article 9 (temporary stopping up of streets) whether or not the stopping up, alteration or diversion constitutes street works within the meaning of that Act.

(2) The provisions of the 1991 Act referred to in paragraph (1) are—

subject to paragraph (3), section 54 (advance notice of certain works);

subject to paragraph (3), section 55 (notice of starting date of works);

section 57 (notice of emergency works);

section 59 (general duty of street authority to co-ordinate works);

section 60 (general duty of undertakers to co-operate);

section 68 (facilities to be afforded to street authority);

section 69 (works likely to affect other apparatus in the street);

section 76 (liability for cost of temporary traffic regulation);

section 77 (liability for cost of use of alternative route); and

all other such provisions as apply for the purposes of the provisions mentioned above.

(3) Sections 54 and 55 of the 1991 Act as applied by paragraph (1) shall have effect as if references in section 57 of that Act to emergency works were a reference to a stopping up, alteration or diversion (as the case may be) required in a case of emergency.