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    The Social Security (Overpayments and Recovery) Amendment Regulations 20152015 No. 499UK Statutory Instruments
    The Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Transfer Values) (Amendment and Revocation) Regulations 20152015 No. 498UK Statutory Instruments
    The Armed Forces (Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme and Further and Higher Education Commitment Scheme) (Amendment) Order 20152015 No. 497UK Statutory Instruments
    The Social Security Benefits Up-rating Regulations 20152015 No. 496UK Statutory Instruments
    The Care Planning and Fostering (Miscellaneous Amendments) (England) Regulations 20152015 No. 495UK Statutory Instruments
    The Smaller Authorities (Transparency Requirements) (England) Regulations 20152015 No. 494UK Statutory Instruments
    The Occupational Pension Schemes (Consequential and Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 20152015 No. 493UK Statutory Instruments
    The Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013 (Transitional and Savings Provisions) Order 20152015 No. 492UK Statutory Instruments
    The Protected Disclosures (Extension of Meaning of Worker) Order 20152015 No. 491UK Statutory Instruments
    The Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013 (Commencement No. 9) Order 20152015 No. 490 (C. 27)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Pensions Guidance Exclusions) Order 20152015 No. 489UK Statutory Instruments
    The Banking Act 2009 (Inter-Bank Payment Systems) (Disclosure and Publication of Specified Information) (Amendment) Regulations 20152015 No. 488UK Statutory Instruments
    The Payment to Treasury of Penalties (Enforcement Costs of the Payment Systems Regulator) Order 20152015 No. 487UK Statutory Instruments
    The Deposit Guarantee Scheme Regulations 20152015 No. 486UK Statutory Instruments
    The Authorised Investment Funds (Tax) (Amendment) Regulations 20152015 No. 485UK Statutory Instruments
    The Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 20152015 No. 483UK Statutory Instruments
    The Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Disclosure of Information) (Amendment) Regulations 20152015 No. 482UK Statutory Instruments
    The Infrastructure Act 2015 (Commencement No.1) Regulations 20152015 No. 481 (C. 26)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Government (Transparency Requirements) (England) Regulations 20152015 No. 480UK Statutory Instruments
    The Financial Assistance for Environmental Purposes (England and Wales) Order 20152015 No. 479UK Statutory Instruments

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