The Air Navigation Order 2009

Prohibition on carrying on board sporting weapons or munitions of war

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134.—(1) Subject to article 135(2) and (3), it is unlawful for a person to carry or have in their possession or take or cause to be taken on board an aircraft, to suspend or cause to be suspended beneath an aircraft or to deliver or cause to be delivered for carriage on an aircraft any sporting weapon or munition of war unless the provisions of paragraph (2) are complied with.

(2) The provisions referred to in paragraph (1) are that—

(a)the sporting weapon or munition of war—

(i)is either part of the baggage of a passenger on the aircraft or consigned as cargo;

(ii)is carried in a part of the aircraft, or in any apparatus attached to the aircraft inaccessible to passengers; and

(iii)in the case of a firearm, is unloaded;

(b)information about the sporting weapon or munition of war has been supplied by that passenger or by the consignor to the operator before the flight commences; and

(c)the operator consents to the carriage of such sporting weapon or munition of war by the aircraft.