The Swine Vesicular Disease Regulations 2009

Initial controls following notification

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7.—(1) This regulation applies where the Secretary of State is notified under regulation 5(1) of a suspect pig or carcase and a veterinary inspector considers that further investigation relating to the possible presence of swine vesicular disease is necessary.

(2) The veterinary inspector must orally or otherwise inform the person reporting the suspect pig or carcase that further investigation is necessary, and the controls in paragraph (3) then apply.

(3) The controls are that, except as permitted in writing by a veterinary inspector, the person in possession or charge of a notified pig or carcase must ensure that—

(a)the notified pig or carcase is not moved from the premises where it is,

(b)no other pig or carcase or any thing likely to spread swine vesicular disease virus is moved from or to those premises, and

(c)any person who has been in contact with any pig or carcase on the premises, or been on any part of the premises that may be contaminated with swine vesicular disease virus, takes all necessary biosecurity precautions to reduce the risk of spreading swine vesicular disease virus before leaving the premises,

and failure to do so is an offence.

(4) Any controls imposed under this regulation continue to apply until—

(a)a veterinary inspector serves a notice under these Regulations designating the premises as suspect premises, or

(b)a veterinary inspector confirms (orally or otherwise) that the presence of swine vesicular disease virus on the premises is not suspected.