The Armed Forces Act 2006 (Transitional Provisions etc) Order 2009

CHAPTER 8Supplementary provisions relating to trial of civilians

Service of documents

175.—(1) Regulation 11 of and Part 2 of Schedule 2 to the Additional Powers on Trial of Civilians Regulations (duty to serve court orders and copies) shall continue to have effect in relation to any case where, immediately before commencement, they required an order or certified copy to be served on a person.

(2) Regulation 3 of those regulations (method of service) shall continue in effect for the purposes of the provisions saved by paragraph (1).

(3) In those provisions—

(a)“the court administration officer” has the meaning given by section 374 of AFA 2006; and

(b)any reference to the commanding officer of the offender is to be read as to the person who is the offender’s commanding officer within the meaning of AFA 2006.

(4) In this article “the Additional Powers on Trial of Civilians Regulations” means the Courts-Martial and Standing Civilian Courts (Army and Royal Air Force) (Additional Powers on Trial of Civilians) Regulations 1997.