2.  The following provisions of the 2007 Act shall come into force on 31st January 2008—

(a)sections 1 to 4 (detention at ports);

(b)sections 5 to 8 (biometric registration: regulations);

(c)section 10 (biometric registration: objection to penalty) for the purposes of making an order under subsections (2) and (4);

(d)section 11 (biometric registration: appeal in respect of penalty) for the purposes of making rules under subsection (6);

(e)section 13 for the purposes of issuing a code of practice under subsection (1) and making an order under subsection (6) (biometric registration: code of practice regarding penalty);

(f)sections 14 and 15 (biometric registration: prescribed matters and interpretation);

(g)subject to article 3, section 16 (conditional leave to enter or remain);

(h)section 18 (support for asylum-seekers: enforcement);

(i)section 20 (fees);

(j)sections 22 and 23 (assaulting an immigration officer: offence and power of arrest);

(k)subject to article 4, section 26 (disposal of property) for the purposes of making regulations under subsection (5);

(l)sections 29 to 31 (facilitation and trafficking);

(m)sections 40 to 43 (supply and wrongful disclosure of information); and

(n)in the Schedule (repeals) the entries relating to—

(i)the Immigration Act 1971(1);

(ii)the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999(2);

(iii)section 130 of the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002(3);

(iv)the Commissioners for Revenue and Customs Act 2005(4); and

(v)the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006(5).