The Finance Act 1998, Schedule 2 (Assessments in Respect of Drawback) (Appointed Day) Order 2008

2.  For the purposes of assessments in respect of drawback of excise duty to which entitlement has been cancelled under any provision contained in the Regulations specified in article 3, the day appointed as the day on which the following paragraphs of Schedule 2 to the Finance Act 1998 come into force is 1st September 2008—

(a)paragraph 6; and

(b)paragraphs 8(3), 9(4) and 10(c), insofar as each of those paragraphs concerns section 2 of the Finance (No.2) Act 1992(1).


1992 c.48; section 2 has been amended by the Finance Act 1999 (c.16), section 11(1) and (2).