Removal, resignation, etc of auditors

43.—(1) Sections 510 to 512 apply to LLPs, modified so that they read as follows—

Removal of auditor

510.(1) The members of an LLP may remove an auditor from office at any time.

(2) Nothing in this section is to be taken as depriving the person removed of compensation or damages payable to him in respect of the termination—

(a)of his appointment as auditor, or

(b)of any appointment terminating with that as auditor.

(3) An auditor may not be removed from office before the expiration of his term of office except under this section.

Notice of removal of auditor

511.(1) No determination to remove an auditor before the expiration of his term of office may be made under section 510 unless the LLP has given 7 days’ prior notice to any auditor whom it is proposed to remove

(2) The auditor proposed to be removed may make with respect to the proposal representations in writing to the LLP (not exceeding a reasonable length) and request their notification to members of the LLP.

(3) The LLP must upon receipt send a copy of the representations to every member.

(4) Copies of the representations need not be sent out if, on the application either of the LLP or of any other person claiming to be aggrieved, the court is satisfied that the auditor is using the provisions of this section to secure needless publicity for defamatory matter.

The court may order the LLP’s costs (in Scotland, expenses) on the application to be paid in whole or in part by the auditor, notwithstanding that he is not a party to the application.

Notice to registrar of determination removing auditor from office

512.(1) Where the members of an LLP have removed an auditor from office under section 510, the LLP must give notice of that fact to the registrar within 14 days.

(2) If the LLP fails to give the notice required by this section, an offence is committed by the LLP and every designated member who is in default.

(3) A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale and, for continued contravention, a daily default fine not exceeding one-tenth of level 3 on the standard scale.

(2) Until section 1068(1) comes into force, the notice referred to in section 512(1) as applied to LLPs by paragraph (1) must be in the form prescribed for the purposes of section 391(2) of the 1985 Act or Article 399(2) of the 1986 Order as applied to LLPs.