The Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work etc. Regulations 2008

  1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Citation and commencement

  3. 2.Interpretation

  4. 3.Consequential amendments, revocations and saving

  5. 4.(1) Schedule 2 (Revocations) shall have effect.

  6. 5.Scope of application

  7. 6.(1) These Regulations do not apply to—

  8. 7.Right to cancel a contract to which these Regulations apply

  9. 8.Exercise of the right to cancel a contract

  10. 9.Cancellation of specified contracts commenced before expiry of the right to cancel

  11. 10.Recovery of money paid by consumer

  12. 11.Automatic cancellation of related credit agreement

  13. 12.Repayment of credit and interest

  14. 13.Return of goods by consumer after cancellation

  15. 14.Goods given in part-exchange

  16. 15.No contracting-out of contracts to which these Regulations apply

  17. 16.Service of documents

  18. Enforcement

    1. 17.Offence relating to the failure to give notice of the right to cancel

    2. 18.Defence of due diligence

    3. 19.Liability of persons other than the principal offender

    4. 20.Offences committed by bodies of persons

    5. 21.Duty to enforce

    6. 22.Powers of investigation

    7. 23.Obstruction of authorised officers

    8. 24.Nothing in regulation 22 or 23 shall be construed as...

  19. Signature

    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Consequential Amendments

      1. 1.The Consumer Credit Act 1974

      2. 2.The Enterprise Act 2002 (Part 8 Community Infringements Specified UK Laws) Order 2003

      3. 3.The Enterprise Act 2002 (Part 8 Notice to OFT of Intended Prosecution Specified Enactments, Revocation and Transitional Provision) Order 2003

      4. 4.The Enterprise Act 2002 (Part 9 Restrictions on Disclosure of Information) (Amendment and Specification) Order 2003

      5. 5.The Uncertificated Securities (Amendment) (Eligible Debt Securities) Regulations 2003

      6. 6.The Legislative and Regulatory Reform (Regulatory Functions) Order 2007

    2. SCHEDULE 2


    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Excepted contracts

      1. 1.A contract for the construction, sale or rental of immovable...

      2. 2.A contract for the supply of foodstuffs or beverages or...

      3. 3.A contract for the supply of goods or services provided...

      4. 4.A contract of insurance.

      5. 5.Any contract under which credit within the meaning of the...

      6. 6.Any contract not falling within paragraph 5 under which the...

      7. 7.Any agreement the making or performance of which by either...

      8. 8.(1) For the purposes of paragraph 7—

    4. SCHEDULE 4

      Notice of the right to cancel

      1. PART I Information to be Contained in Notice of the Right to Cancel

        1. 1.The identity of the trader including trading name if any....

        2. 2.The trader’s reference number, code or other details to enable...

        3. 3.A statement that the consumer has a right to cancel...

        4. 4.The name and address, (including any electronic mail address as...

        5. 5.A statement that notice of cancellation is deemed to be...

        6. 6.A statement that the consumer can use the cancellation form...

      2. PART II Cancellation Notice to be Included in Notice of the Right to Cancel

  20. Explanatory Note