The Health Care and Associated Professions (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2008

New section 40A

7.  After section 40, insert the following section—

Annual reports, statistical reports and strategic plans

40A.(1) The General Council shall publish, by such date in each year as the Privy Council shall specify—

(a)a report on the exercise of its functions which includes a description of the arrangements that the General Council has put in place to ensure that it adheres to good practice in relation to equality and diversity (and for these purposes “equality” and “diversity” have the meanings given in section 8(2) of the Equality Act 2006);

(b)a statistical report which indicates the efficiency and effectiveness of, and which includes a description of, the arrangements which the General Council has put in place to protect members of the public from registered osteopaths whose fitness to practise is impaired, together with the General Council’s observations on the report; and

(c)a strategic plan for the General Council in respect of such number of years as the General Council shall determine.

(2) The General Council shall submit copies of the reports and the plan published under subsection (1) to the Privy Council and the Privy Council shall lay copies of the reports and the plan before each House of Parliament.