The Friendly Societies Act 1992 (Accounts, Audit and EEA State Amendments) Order 2008

Disclosure of auditor remuneration

This section has no associated Explanatory Memorandum

4.—(1) After section 69L of the 1992 Act (inserted by article 3), insert—

Disclosure of auditor remuneration

69M.(1) The information specified in Schedule 13F must be given in notes to a friendly society’s or a registered branch’s annual accounts.

(2) The Treasury may, by order, modify the provisions of Schedule 13F.

(3) An order under this section may—

(a)make consequential amendments or repeals of other provisions of this Act;

(b)make such transitional or saving provisions as appear to the Treasury to be necessary or expedient, or

(c)make different provision for different cases..

(2) Schedule 1, which inserts Schedule 13F into the 1992 Act, has effect.

(3) In Schedule 13D to the 1992 Act(1) (disclosures about members of the committee of management and employees) omit paragraph 12.

(4) In Schedule 14 to the 1992 Act (auditors: appointment etc)(2)—

(a)in paragraph 16—

(i)omit sub-paragraphs (3) and (6);

(ii)in sub-paragraph (5), omit the words from “and in relation to any such benefit” to the end;

(b)omit paragraph 17.


Schedule 13D was inserted by S.I. 2005/2211.


Schedule 14 was amended by S.I. 2008/948.