SCHEDULE 5Environmental permits

PART 2Compensation in relation to conditions affecting certain interests in land

Application for compensation

24.—(1) An application for compensation under this Part must be made by the grantor—

(a)within 12 months of the date on which the entitlement to compensation arises; or

(b)within 6 months of the date on which the rights are first exercised.

(2) An application must be—

(a)made in writing;

(b)made to the operator to whom the rights were granted; and

(c)delivered at or sent by pre-paid post to the last known address for correspondence of that operator.

(3) The application must contain, or be accompanied by—

(a)a copy of the grant of rights in respect of which the grantor’s entitlement arises and any plans attached to that grant;

(b)a description of the exact nature of any interest in land in respect of which compensation is applied for;

(c)a statement of the amount of compensation applied for—

(i)distinguishing the amounts applied for under each of paragraphs 22(a) to 22(e), and

(ii)showing how the amount applied for under each paragraph has been calculated; and

(d)if the date on which the entitlement to compensation arises is ascertained in accordance with paragraph 23(2), a copy of the notice of the final determination of the appeal.