SCHEDULE 1Activities

PART 2Activities

CHAPTER 6Other Activities

SECTION 6.7Activities Involving Rubber
Part A(2)

(a)Manufacturing new tyres (but not remoulds or retreads) if this involves the use in any period of 12 months of 50,000 or more tonnes of one or more of the following—

(i)natural rubber,

(ii)synthetic organic elastomers,

(iii)other substances mixed with them.

Part B

(a)Unless falling within Part A(1) or Part A(2) of any Section, the mixing, milling or blending of—

(i)natural rubber, or

(ii)synthetic organic elastomers,

if carbon black is used.

(b)Any activity which converts the product of an activity falling within paragraph (a) into a finished product if related to an activity falling within that paragraph.