The Money Laundering Regulations 2007

Review procedure

This section has no associated Explanatory Memorandum

43.—(1) This regulation applies to decisions of the Commissioners made under—

(a)regulation 29, to refuse to register an applicant;

(b)regulation 30, to cancel the registration of a registered person; and

(c)regulation 42, to impose a penalty.

(2) Any person who is the subject of a decision to which this regulation applies may by notice to the Commissioners require them to review that decision.

(3) The Commissioners need not review any decision unless the notice requiring the review is given within 45 days beginning with the date on which they first gave notice of the decision to the person requiring the review.

(4) Where the Commissioners are required under this regulation to review any decision they must either—

(a)confirm the decision; or

(b)withdraw or vary the decision and take such further steps (if any) in consequence of the withdrawal or variation as they consider appropriate.

(5) Where the Commissioners do not, within 45 days beginning with the date on which the review was required by a person, give notice to that person of their determination of the review, they are to be taken for the purposes of these Regulations to have confirmed the decision.