The Money Laundering Regulations 2007

Failure to comply with information requirement

This section has no associated Explanatory Memorandum

40.—(1) If, on an application made by—

(a)a designated authority; or

(b)a local weights and measures authority or DETI pursuant to arrangements made with the OFT

(i)by or on behalf of the authority; or

(ii)by DETI,

it appears to the court that a person (the “information defaulter”) has failed to do something that he was required to do under regulation 37(1), the court may make an order under this regulation.

(2) An order under this regulation may require the information defaulter—

(a)to do the thing that he failed to do within such period as may be specified in the order;

(b)otherwise to take such steps to remedy the consequences of the failure as may be so specified.

(3) If the information defaulter is a body corporate, a partnership or an unincorporated body of persons which is not a partnership, the order may require any officer of the body corporate, partnership or body, who is (wholly or partly) responsible for the failure to meet such costs of the application as are specified in the order.

(4) In this regulation, “court” means—

(a)in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, the High Court or the county court;

(b)in Scotland, the Court of Session or the sheriff.