The Building and Approved Inspectors (Amendment) Regulations 2006

Transitional provisions – plans certificates

This section has no associated Explanatory Memorandum

33.—(1) Subject to paragraph (3), paragraph (2) applies where before 6th April 2006—

(a)plans of work are the subject of a plans certificate, or a plans certificate combined with an initial notice, given to a local authority in accordance with section 50(1) (plans certificates) of the Act, and accepted by the local authority either before, on or after that date; and

(b)that work has not commenced.

(2) The Building Regulations and the Approved Inspectors Regulations shall continue to apply to that building work as if these Regulations, other than the amendments made by regulations 21 and 25, had not been made, whether or not the building work departs from those plans.

(3) Paragraph (2) does not apply where the work is commenced on or after 1st April 2007.


Section 50(1) and (5) were substituted by S.I. 1996/1905.