The Building and Approved Inspectors (Amendment) Regulations 2006

  1. Introductory Text

  2. PART 1 Introductory

    1. 1.Citation and commencement

  3. PART 2 Amendment of the Building Regulations 2000

    1. 2.Amendment of the Building Regulations 2000

    2. 3.Amendment of regulation 2 (interpretation)

    3. 4.Amendment of regulation 3 (meaning of building work)

    4. 5.Amendment of regulation 4 (requirements relating to building work)

    5. 6.New regulations 4A (requirements relating to thermal elements) and 4B (requirements where exemption from energy efficiency requirements ceases)

    6. 7.Amendment of regulation 6 (requirements relating to material change of use)

    7. 8.Amendment of regulation 9 (exempt buildings and work)

    8. 9.Amendment of regulation 11 (power to dispense with or relax requirements)

    9. 10.Amendment of regulation 12 (giving of a building notice or deposit of plans)

    10. 11.Amendment of regulation 13 (particulars and plans where a building notice is given)

    11. 12.Amendment of regulation 14 (full plans)

    12. 13.Amendment of regulation 15 (notice of commencement and completion of certain stages of work)

    13. 14.Amendment of regulation 16A (provisions applicable to self certification schemes)

    14. 15.New Part VA (energy performance of buildings)

    15. 16.Amendment of regulation 20 (supervision of building work otherwise than by local authorities)

    16. 17.New regulations 20B, 20C and 20D (pressure testing, commissioning and CO2 emission rate calculations)

    17. 18.Amendment of regulation 22 (contravention of certain regulations not to be an offence)

    18. 19.Substitution of Part L (conservation of fuel and power)

    19. 20.Amendment of Part P (electrical safety)

    20. 21.Substitution of Schedule 2A (self-certification schemes and exemptions from requirement to give building notice or deposit full plans)

    21. 22.Amendment of Schedule 2B (descriptions of work where no building notice or deposit of full plans required)

  4. PART 3 Amendment of the Building (Approved Inspectors etc) Regulations 2000

    1. 23.Amendment of the Approved Inspector Regulations

    2. 24.Amendment of regulation 11 (functions of approved inspectors)

    3. 25.New regulation 11A (provisions applicable to self-certification schemes for building work)

    4. 26.New regulations 12B, 12C and 12D (pressure testing, commissioning and CO2 emission rate calculations)

    5. 27.Amendment of regulation 31 (contravention of certain regulations not to be an offence)

  5. PART 4 Application to educational buildings and statutory undertakers

    1. 28.Application to education buildings and buildings of statutory undertakers

  6. PART 5 Transitional provisions

    1. 29.Transitional provisions – interpretation and application

    2. 30.Transitional provisions – work already commenced

    3. 31.Transitional provisions – work for which full plans not required

    4. 32.Transitional provisions – full plans

    5. 33.Transitional provisions – plans certificates

    6. 34.Transitional provisions – buildings previously exempt

  7. Signature


      Schedule 2A to the Building Regulations 2000 substituted by these Regulations

  8. Explanatory Note