The Transfer of Functions (Third Sector, Communities and Equality) Order 2006

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4.  In the following provisions of the Charities Act 1993, in each place for “Secretary of State” substitute “Minister”—

(a)section 1(5) (Commissioners’ duty to report),

(b)section 2(7) (accounts),

(c)section 3 (register of charities),

(d)section 3A(2)(c) (registration of charities),

(e)section 4(2) (objections to registration),

(f)section 5(6) (status of registered charity),

(g)section 6(2)(c) (requirement to change charity’s name),

(h)section 10B(5) (disclosure to and by principal regulators of exempt charities),

(i)section 16(15) (concurrent jurisdiction of Commissioners and High Court),

(j)section 17(2) (schemes of administration),

(k)section 19(6) (receivers and managers),

(l)section 20(1) (publicity),

(m)section 28(8)(b) (dormant bank accounts),

(n)section 30(4) (documents),

(o)section 36(4)(a) (dispositions of land),

(p)section 40(4) (rentcharges),

(q)section 42 (annual statements of accounts),

(r)section 43(8) (annual audit),

(s)section 44(1) (audit: supplementary),

(t)section 45 (annual reports),

(u)section 48(4) (annual returns),

(v)section 74(11) (power to transfer all property etc.),

(w)section 75(9) (power to spend capital),

(x)section 85(1) (fees),

(y)section 86 (regulations and orders), and

(z)paragraph 1 of Schedule 1 (appointment of Commissioners).