The Education (School Teacher Performance Management) (England) Regulations 2006

Performance management and review cycle

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26.—(1) Subject to the following paragraphs of this regulation, the performance of every unattached teacher shall be managed and reviewed on an annual basis (“the performance management and review cycle”).

(2) The authority shall determine the timing of the performance management and review cycle for their unattached teachers.

(3) Where an unattached teacher is employed on a fixed term contract of less than one year, his performance shall be managed throughout the life of the contract and reviewed at the end of the contract.

(4) Where a teacher is employed by an authority part-way through a cycle, the authority shall determine the length of the first cycle for that teacher.

(5) Where a teacher transfers to a new post within the authority, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, part-way through his cycle, the authority shall determine whether the cycle shall begin again and, if so, whether to change the reviewer.

(6) A change of reviewer shall not cause the reviewee’s cycle to begin again.