The Forest Reproductive Material (Great Britain) (Amendment) Regulations 2006

Substitution of regulation 25

This section has no associated Explanatory Memorandum

9.  For regulation 25 substitute—

25.(1) No person acting in the course of a business or trade whether or not for profit shall import into Great Britain from a third country forest reproductive material which he intends to market unless—

(a)the forest reproductive material was produced in a third country listed in the first column of Schedule 13, is of a species listed in the second column of that Schedule opposite the reference to that country and is—

(i)of a category; and

(ii)derived from a type of basic material,

specified in the third and fourth column, respectively, of that Schedule in relation to that species;

(b)at least three days before the intended date of import of the forest reproductive material, he provides to the Commissioners notice in writing that complies with the requirements of paragraph (2); and

(c)the forest reproductive material is accompanied upon entry into Great Britain by an official certificate.

(2) The notice required by paragraph (1)(b) shall—

(a)specify the anticipated place of entry into Great Britain of the forest reproductive material;

(b)specify the anticipated date and time of arrival of the forest reproductive material into Great Britain; and

(c)be accompanied by a copy of the official certificate issued in respect of the forest reproductive material or, if no certificate has been issued, contain the following information—

(i)the botanical name of the forest reproductive material;

(ii)the country and region of provenance of the forest reproductive material;

(iii)the name and address of the exporter;

(iv)the category and nature of the forest reproductive material and the type of basic material from which it is derived; and

(v)the quantity of the forest reproductive material.

(3) The Commissioners shall accept as an official certificate an official statement or other document, issued by the official body of the third country in which is located the basic material from which forest reproductive material is collected or otherwise derived, if they are satisfied that the official statement or other document—

(a)contains equivalent information to that required to complete the document set out in Schedule 6, 7 or 8, as appropriate; and

(b)meets equivalent requirements to those specified in regulation 13(9) and (10)..